Green Flower Media presents “Growers Quest” 5 Part Video Series

How The World’s Top Cannabis Growers Use
All-Natural Techniques To Increase Quality, Maximize Yields and Minimize Losses!

What You’ll Discover In This New Free Video Series

  • The real difference between growing organic cannabis vs. using chemicals
  • The breeding secrets of one of the world’s best cannabis cultivators
  • How to avoid powdery mildew in your garden
  • Unexpected reasons why you should grow your own cannabis today
  • Exact step-by-step guidance on how to make your own clones
  • How you can get direct access to all of these experts without ever leaving your home

And Much More!

We’re not messing around. Some of our lineup of legends includes:

  • Swami Chaitanya – Organic Cannabis Expert
  • Kevin Jodrey – Renowned Cultivator, Owner of Port Royal
  • Kyle Kushman – 13-Time Cannabis Cup Winner
  • Steve DeAngelo – Founder of Harborside
  • Dan Grace – Dark Heart Nursery
  • Casey O’ Neill – Biodynamic Farming Expert
  • Mel Frank – Legendary Grower, The Marijuana Grower’s Guide
  • And many more…

The Growers Quest will provide you with: Read more about presents “Growers Quest” 5 Part Video Series

Finally! Legal Marijuana in California

Pot sales now legal in California, but you can’t find it everywhere yet

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. — At one minute after midnight Monday, Nick Hughes at the Cathedral City Care Collective was celebrating more than the new year: He had his first legal recreational marijuana customer — perhaps the first in all of California.

Sales statewide weren’t supposed to begin until 6 a.m. PT, but Hughes said he had permission from city officials to start selling once the clock hit midnight.

“He was waiting for us to open,” Hughes said of his first customer. “He was excited, and he seemed like he was honored to be the first.”

Californians voted in 2016 to legalize sales and anyone 21 and older now can make purchases at licensed shops as well as grow, possess and use limited quantities of weed.

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New Rules: California’s 2018 Marijuana Laws Explained

California’s medical marijuana patients have had the right to use marijuana for over 20 years. But the biggest change of all is coming soon: the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, which voters approved as Proposition 64 in 2016.

Prop 64 establishes guidelines enabling anyone over 21 years of age to buy, sell and grow marijuana. AUMA itself is over sixty pages long and the laws governing possession, distribution and cultivation are neither simple nor straight forward. The biggest change in California’s cannabis policy in two decades is upon us. Will you be ready?  In “New Rules: California’s 2018 Marijuana Laws Explained”, Jeremy Daw, a cannabis journalist Read more about New Rules: California’s 2018 Marijuana Laws Explained

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