Green Flower Media presents “Growers Quest” 5 Part Video Series

How The World’s Top Cannabis Growers Use
All-Natural Techniques To Increase Quality, Maximize Yields and Minimize Losses!

What You’ll Discover In This New Free Video Series

  • The real difference between growing organic cannabis vs. using chemicals
  • The breeding secrets of one of the world’s best cannabis cultivators
  • How to avoid powdery mildew in your garden
  • Unexpected reasons why you should grow your own cannabis today
  • Exact step-by-step guidance on how to make your own clones
  • How you can get direct access to all of these experts without ever leaving your home

And Much More!

We’re not messing around. Some of our lineup of legends includes:

  • Swami Chaitanya – Organic Cannabis Expert
  • Kevin Jodrey – Renowned Cultivator, Owner of Port Royal
  • Kyle Kushman – 13-Time Cannabis Cup Winner
  • Steve DeAngelo – Founder of Harborside
  • Dan Grace – Dark Heart Nursery
  • Casey O’ Neill – Biodynamic Farming Expert
  • Mel Frank – Legendary Grower, The Marijuana Grower’s Guide
  • And many more…

The Growers Quest will provide you with: Read more about presents “Growers Quest” 5 Part Video Series

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