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We offer Cannabis Masterclasses Online & Gourmet Edibles!

You can share in the profits with us by joining our Affiliate Program!

We have our own private label products that are Cannabis based & we research & vet other companies offering Cannabis related products & services for potential partnerships.  With these other Cannabis related companies we work as Resellers, Wholesalers, Affiliates, Brand Ambassadors, Event Managers & Staffing or in some cases Cannabis Startup Business Consultants.

From Cannabis Education on both Marijuana & Hemp focused via “Live & On Demand” Webinars to Cannabis Infused Gourmet Edible products for a wide range of consumer uses for Health & Wellness – We help our Affiliates succeed in Making Money in the Cannabis Business!   So we invite you to join us today!

There’s NO Cost to setup as a Basic Affiliate!

Thanks again for your interest in becoming a Affiliate.  We believe this is a very exciting time in the Cannabis Industry, especially here in the state of California since Prop. 64 which provides for Recreational Marijuana use by adults over 21 years old became legal January 1st, 2018!  So join us today!

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This is the registration for your new online eCommerce Cannabis Health & Wellness Store!   There is also NO setup or monthly cost for your store and it will be setup immediately and give you the ability to start promoting high quality Cannabis related Health & Wellness products and begin making money in the new & explosive income opportunity in the Cannabis Industry!

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Turn-Key Cannabis CBD Health & Wellness Business In A Box!
An Opportunity for Changing The Future Outcome of Your Financial World!

Join us with CTFO‘s CBD Health & Wellness Business In A Box Program!

When you become an official Direct Affiliate with us in one of our 420 Certified Cannabis Business Opportunities like CTFO – Changing The Future Outcome you will have an opportunity to profit from the many different Cannabis Business Opportunities in the Legal Recreational & Medical Marijuana Industry across the United States, Canada & even in Mexico we can offer you a Legal Cannabis related business, even without licensing or permits!

Many other states in the United States have already approved Recreational and/or Recreational Marijuana or are in the process of making it legal for recreational as well as medical use.  This is a GROUND FLOOR Opportunity!
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To get started to becoming a Brand Ambassador & Affiliate Complete the Registration Form below to begin the process of joining us in an industry that we believe will make more multi-millionaire’s than any other industry in the history of business!